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(Hong Kong, 7 June 2017) DOXA joins hands with renowned movie star Mr. Alex Fong Chung Sun for the ninth consecutive year to promote DOXA’s Swiss made timepieces in the Greater China market. To commemorate this special event, DOXA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Romeo Jenny, has travelled to Hong Kong from Switzerland to join Alex in celebrating his role as DOXA’s ambassador in the Asia Pacific region and the enduring partnership between the star and the pioneering Swiss horologist. Alex also took this opportunity to showcase the latest elegant and refined watches from DOXA.


Renowned movie star Alex Fong Chung Sun is DOXA’s Asia ambassador for the ninth consecutive year

A Century of Glory, A Succession of Classics
For years, DOXA has expanded the horizons of craftsmanship in diving watches, earning the appreciation of countless enthusiasts with the excellent performances and distinguished designs of its timepieces. DOXA is a proudly traditional and independent watch brand, operating without investment by consortium and extensive promotion to build upon a heritage of remarkable artistry, expertise and innovation worldwide.

DOXA Divers: A Legacy of Innovation
In 1967, DOXA successfully launched the first watch with a helium release valve, the SUB300T, securing the brand’s prominent position in the diving world. DOXA’s flagship diver’s watch collection, Shark 300 L, welcomes a new model that boasts water resistance up to 300 meters and stands out with its large size and exceptional performance. Shark 300 L adopts a stainless steel case for unrivalled durability, while the finely polished details adorn it with fascinating glamour. Another special feature is the rotating ceramic bezel crafted with advanced technology, which offers resistance against scratches and corrosion. Combined with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the watch is exceptionally-designed for facing whatever challenges await, both above water and under the sea.