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In 2017, DOXA follows its tradition to launch a new Executive Collection of men’s wristwatch D206, which highlights an unconventional style of delicate simplicity. With Swiss-made automatic movements at the core, coupled with an exterior of fine design, this collection is the fabulous choice for executives with refined tastes.


New Executive Collection, practicality in Modern Simplicity

Simplicity of design which exhibits firmness and flexibility

Targeted at executives, the design seeks pragmatism in simplicity. D206 is of simple and yet delicate design. The watch-maker accurately grasps every detail, and made painstaking effort in striking a balance as a whole. The refreshing sunray pattern decoration in the middle occupies the main focus of the dial, while a fine notch of a sparkle pattern is deliberately engraved near the edge of the seconds scale for enhanced visual impact. When the hour hand gently rests on the seconds scale and the sunray pattern on the dial, the gentle visual element is pierced through by a strong sparkle pattern. The watch-maker blends well the simple, firm and flexible elements into the design of the watch, adding an effect of levelled tidiness on the clean dial.

Pragmatic with attention to details

The diameter of the D206 wristwatch is 41.5mm, while the 3-hand dial gives the watch a clean and definite outlook. The case is of a precise and meticulous design, while the date and day display is located at 6H. The layout is clean and easy to read, wearers can get the reading at a glance. The wristwatch is of Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement which keeps track of time with strict accuracy. Successful people need good grasp of time up to the minute or second, this pragmatic watch suits the needs of people in contemporary cities. The case and bracelet of this wristwatch is made of stainless steel. The jubilee bracelet is finely crafted to fit the wrist smoothly. The dial of this wristwatch comes in four colours, namely, silvery white (D206SWH), ivory (D206SIY), grey (D206SGY) or champagne (D206SCM), offering customers with a range of choices.