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(Hong Kong, 11 September) With nearly 130 years of watchmaking history, DOXA has established itself as a pioneer in the watch industry through innovative craftsmanship and perseverance to achieve the dreams, developing countless classics for the industry. Passing on the mountaineers’ hearts to dream, DOXA celebrated the successful journey of its Spirit Ambassador, Chinese climber Mr. Xia Bo Yu and announced the collaboration with Hong Kong China Chomolungma Team for Mount Everest Expedition 2019 at the Press Conference held at HKCEC, sponsoring dreamers to complete the journey of one’s life time with excellent timepieces.


DOXA sponsors Mount Everest Expedition 2019 by Hong Kong China Chomolungma Team & First Chinese Double Amputee Explorer Mr. Xia Bo Yu Sharing His Magical Success to the Mount

Earlier this year, DOXA announced Chinese double amputee explorer Mr. Xia Bo Yu as Spirit Ambassador of the brand and sponsored his expedition to Mount Everest. 43 years ago, Mr. Xia Bo Yu tragically lost both of his legs when assisting his team member, but he never gave up and followed his passion, going over the difficulties and obstacles. In May 2018, with his determination and perseverance, he had the 5th attempt to Mount Everest, successfully climbed up to the top of Mount Everest, proving that there were no boundaries for dreamers. After successfully reached the top of Mount Everest and made his dream come true, Mr. Xia attended the Press Conference sharing with the press for his close friendship with DOXA and the key of success for the expedition. At the event, Mr. Xia Bo Yu at his seventies described the year when he lost his legs, lost his family members and suffered from cancer. At the trough of his life, the dream to Mount Everest ignited his will to fulfill in his life. He kept training up physically, had 2 attempts conquering the Mount but stopped due to natural disaster such as earthquake in Nepal. Later, he was sponsored by DOXA, providing him with hope and direction, he then successfully completed the expedition in 2018 and the dream finally came true. At this special occasion, he was joined by renowned Mountaineer Mr. John Tsang who helped 3 times throughout his expedition journey. Two of them experienced the ups and downs of the expedition, sharing the lifelong and invaluable friendship.

In order to pay tribute to all the determined dreamers, DOXA announced the collaboration with Hong Kong China Chomolungma Team as official timekeeper. With the tribute to the 66th anniversary of first man who completed the expedition to Mount Everest, the Team of 4 would engage in the expedition in May 2019, being led by renowned Mountaineer Mr. John Tsang who previously sponsored by DOXA and completed his 3rd expedition to Mount Everest. During the event, DOXA Spirit Ambassador Mr. Xia Bo Yu passed the ice axe he used every time for mountaineering to Hong Kong China Chomolungma Team representatives including Mr. Paul Cheung, Mr. Rocky Lai and Mr. Sum Lo. They received the iconic axe so as to pass on the spirit and determination from Mr. Xia. They were also gifted with the worldwide exclusive timepieces from DOXA, unveiling their adventure to Mount Everest.

As the perfect companion for Mount Everest Expedition 2019, DOXA sponsored Hong Kong China Chomolungma Team with exclusively customized timepieces from Shark Ceramica 300L Collection D200 and Pilot Collection D212. Each timepiece had been customized to satisfy the Team’s mountaineering needs, the outline of Mount Everest is highlight on the dial and the name of each team member was engraved on the case, celebrating one of the most important milestone in the Team’s history. Shark Ceramica 300L Collection D200 proudly possessed a water resistance up to 300 metres, as well as the indexes and sword-shaped hands covered with luminous coating to ensure high readability even in the dark. D212 from Pilot Collection was equipped with markers and hands coated with luminous materials such as clearly readable Arabic numerals at 3,6,9&12, while the date and day indicator was a tribute to the aviation dashboard design. Embracing with the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative creativity of DOXA, the timepieces would witness the best moments in this exceptional journey.

In 2016, the brand presents a remarkable timepiece by launching D200, three new executions for its flagship diver’s watch collection Shark Ceramica L, featuring more stylish design to keep on the brand’s legendary accomplishments in deep-sea exploration that have been celebrated for nearly half a century.

Robust pioneer for deep-sea diving
Devoted to crafting diving watches for nearly half a century, DOXA is a professional watchmaker for deep-sea adventure. Shark Ceramica L, DOXA’s diver’s watch collection configured to the highest standard, is a new model that boasts a water resistance up to 300 metres and stands out with its modish large size. The three new executions launched this year feature a 46-mm case, which is smaller by 2-mm than the model of last year, suitable for many people to wear without undermining its masculine charm. Besides outstanding water resistance, highly reliable performance is equally important in a diver’s watch. Shark Ceramica L adopts a stainless steel case to secure the watch durability, while the finely polished details adorn it with fascinating glamour. Another special feature is the rotating ceramic bezel crafted with advanced technology, which offers resistance against scratches and corrosion. Combined with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the watch is well-designed for facing whatever challenges above and under the sea.

Simple to use and easy to read
An excellent diving watch must be capable of displaying time in a simple and distinct manner, which is best exemplified by Shark Ceramica L. Three watch hands are placed upon a sleekly designed dial, with the indexes and sword-shaped hands covered with luminous coating to ensure high readability even in the dark; the second hand is shaded in the brand’s signature hue of orange or red, adding a dash of dynamic colour to the dial. At 6H right below the 3D inscription of DOXA’s brand name, a date display is set and magnified so that the wearer can get the reading at a glance. The dual colour ceramic bezel offers striking visual appeal, as the markers of the first quarter are distinguished with bright colour. Equipped with the rotating bezel for time-tracking, the watch can certainly provide divers or water sports enthusiasts with practical reminders for safety. Last but not least, the Swiss Made automatic movement is another proof of the timepiece’s superior quality.

Perfect details reinterpreted
Not only is the Shark Ceramica L collection equipped with unparalleled diving performance, its aesthetic design is also exceptional. The three new executions of D200 launched this year have included numerous detailed improvements to enhance its visual appeal. The ceramic bezels of the new watches offer more diverse choices of colour with three trendy and vivacious combinations: naval blue or army green matched with jet black, or nickel grey matched with silvery white. The dial in black or white implies a graceful demeanour, which is distinguished from the bright-toned markers around the external edge for a richer composition. The subtle wave pattern on the dial resembles the glittering sea, where the brand’s classic shark symbol hovers at 4H in a pleasant and prominent portrayal polished with innovative technique. The hallmark “CERAMICA” is inscribed at 8H to testify the material used in the watch. Another worth-noting feature is the screw-down crown, a professional design to prevent water from penetrating the watch, allowing it to function in top shape 300 metres underwater. The caseback is furnished with a new look featuring a 3D shark motif in the centre with the name of the collection “SHARK-300” inscribed below, offering a visual pleasure as captivating as the dial.

Since the Shark Collection has well-developed, DOXA has re-identified aviation as a theme and launched the Pilot Collection this year. Being new in the market, the Pilot Collection comes in two different models – D212, with date and day display, and D213, with power reserve. Besides the special features of the pilot’s watches, the collection also possesses practical features that make the watch suitable for everyday wear.

Timepieces Designed with Retro Style
Beside its retro design in contemporary watchmaking technology, the D212 automatic watch also combines the style of World War II fighters and features of aviation watches in the 1920s. With a diameter of 45 mm, the case adopts the huge shape of the pilot’s watches that enable the pilots to read the current time clearly. Meanwhile, the onion-shaped crown is another feature of the pilot’s watch, which allows the pilots to easily pull out the crown and adjust time, even when wearing gloves.

Made of stainless steel and paired with black ceramic bezel, the case is robust and strong. Ceramics, with their pure natural colours, light and robust properties, and anti-scratch durability, are very popular among users. The watch is water resistant to 100 m and has a propeller pattern engraved on the case back. Beneath the case back is the reliable Swiss-made automatic movement.

Layout of Practical Functions
The hour markers on the dial of D212 wristwatch has made reference to the DOXA Museum Collection – wristwatches specially designed for pilots: markers have used clearly readable Arabic numerals at 3,6,9&12 to ensure that pilots can quickly identify. Meanwhile, the markers were set on a matte dial in order to prevent light reflections that affect the reading. In addition, besides the markers and hands coated with luminous materials, the dial edge also has a minute track. As for the date and day indicator, the wristwatch made reference to the fighter’s dashboard design. The D212 watch comes in four designs that feature different colour mixes: D212SBU – blue dial matches with white luminous markers and hands, paired with blue genuine leather; D212SGY grey dial matches with beige luminous markers and hands; D212GBK – matte black dial with light green, paired with black genuine leather or D212SBK – white luminous markers and hands paired with brown genuine leather. All these designs have carried through the retro style. The leather bracelets of the watch come with a dual colour striped nylon NATO bracelet is also provided.

While pilots are no longer the exclusive users of pilot’s watches, wristwatches have also developed beyond their original time-keeping function. Nowadays, wristwatches are used as accessories that express people’s personalities. By mingling the elements of aviation watches with modern aesthetics and adding practical functions, DOXA Pilot Collection is not only a practical wristwatch for everyday use, but also an assessor that sets the distinctive fashion codes for nowadays trendy wearers.